Saturday, 20 August 2016

Goodbye to Nani !

Our Nani ! The 1st photo is in the old home- PREM DHAM where she stayed for 10 years ! It gave her life a structure , and stability- after she had suffered a serious psychological set back- when my father was murdered , in Kolkata in 1974 !

After nearly a whole year, we are back in action! So many things have happened - so much water has flown under the bridge !
Our favourite Nani passed away on 6th Dec'15. She was my first helper, our constant help and support! Whether in the kitchen, in the class, to pick up my children or nursing students when ill- she has been a pillar of strength!
It had been my vision to club the Group home with an old home ! To experiment with this idea- I had got her from the old home here in Dehra Dun- for the last 4 years of her life !

The photo above, is the 1st day of the inauguration of "PRERANA SPECIAL SCHOOL" in July, 1995

We learnt a lot about the needs, as well as clubbing the two sectors- on an experimental basis,some thing which we may consider in the future!

Thank you Ma/ NANI